I had just sold the rights to my previous band name and I needed to get something on the market with my new name to protect the trademark. That is why this release only included three songs; it was a bit rushed. At the time I was writing the album I was slated to deploy and was also drafting my will, so I was in a mindset where I was trying to be at peace with the thought of dying and that came out in the song “Ashes”. It was written on a Mandocello which is a strange instrument I came across browsing an antique store. I saw this guitar that I had never seen before. It looked like an acoustic bass guitar with doubled strings (like a 12-string guitar). It wasn’t expensive so I picked it up. “Ashes” is the one and only song I’ve written with that guitar because playing it is murder on the fingers.

“Down” was a song I had written years ago in 2008 and the lyrics are reflective of where I was at in life at that time; my dreams of being a rockstar weren’t panning out, I was broke, the chips were, well…down. The story behind “Antihero” is a fairly interesting one. I like to cosplay with friends in unconventional settings. We were going to the local go-kart track dressed as Mario Kart characters and I put together a pretty sweet Wario costume. I came to embrace his character and really feel like the theme of an Antihero fits my personality and that’s where the song was birthed.

~ Scott

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