Here’s one from a while back: I entered a prior version of this in the August 2009 Dwelling of Duels. DoD is a monthly contest of video game music remixes. Shadow on the Moonsong combines “Moonsong” from the video game Cave Story with Audioslave’s “Shadow on the Sun“. Don’t really remember what made me decide to mix the two, but it seemed to work. At the time, I didn’t really have a good system for creating drums, so I ended up taking a bunch of single drum hit wavs and placing them piece by piece to get the beat and fills I wanted. It’s as tedious as it sounds, for not that great results. For this version I had access to a better drum software, and had more practice mixing. The guitars and bass are all the same though.


Cave Story is a great Metroidvania-esque game and it’s remarkable in that it was originally all made by one guy; music, graphics, programming, story, etc. I really enjoyed the way the atmosphere started as light and goofy in the beginning but the story kept getting bleaker and dimmer. IIRC eventually even the villians are like, man this kind of sucks. At one point you can choose to just abandon everyone and fly off on a dragon and hide in the mountains. Moonsong plays and the sadness of the moment struck me. GJ 天谷 大輔



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