On this day ten years ago I came home to find my brother, Jeron, on the couch dead of a self-inflicted gun wound. It’s an image that continues to haunt me and the pain is just as real now as it was back then. Writing music has always been a coping mechanism for me, which is why most of what I write about is sad. I never got the chance to properly say goodbye to my brother. He said goodbye to me in his own way, but I didn’t know that’s what it was until after he was gone. I’ve written many songs about him and I am sure there will be many to come. I wanted to share this song with you today. It is unique in that I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of Jeron. I hope that I did him justice and I hope to keep his memory alive because he was important to a lot of people, myself included. Rest in peace, brother.

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