Time to blend in with the locals. I had to look like they look, move like they move so that I could slip into their world.


That’s the spirit. Day two, MAGfest. Sex is in the air!

Hold on. Did you read the Day 1 post? Don’t lie to me.

Ever wanted to rage flip a table? Pony up the cash (for charity) and these guys will make your dream a reality. This guy made no ceremony about it. He just walked right up and did what he came to do. Was that all? Now I know how you women feel. Time for a glass of wine because Wario is a classy motherfucker.

IMG_1822  IMG_1823  IMG_1824

Hey, Super Soul Bros. are on stage. Time to see them do their thing, again. Gotta say the big arena didn’t serve their sound well. They still put on a good show, but after witnessing the jam session yesterday the bar had been set too high. One nice touch was the guy doodling with Mario Paint while they jammed. Also noticed their drummer playing an SJC set. Nice!

IMG_1833  IMG_1837  IMG_1842

Time for glass number two and a panel on writing video-game music and…wait, what is this? Target acquired!


Mission accomplished. Alyssa’s phone number is 8. Her BF was cool about it.


That picture is all wrong. This is more like it.


Speaking of BFs, Mike was feeling me


Jordan wasn’t


Who is the father?






I belong here because I say so.


On stage now is Sammus. She started with a track called 1080p and wound up in tears on stage. I really admire when an artist can put themselves out there. It’s refreshing and human.

IMG_1877  IMG_1878

Glass number three. This is the magic spot. Time to give out a bunch of high fives and randomly dance with strangers.

Fuck your rules!

These guys (Omiya Games) made a WarioWare game! It’s not a (removed “tumor”) clone.


He killed the most zombies. I’m gonna start keeping track of all the ladies’ numbers I get this way.


This is Lt. Dax. She’s from France and I seduced her with a donut.


Glass number four. Too much. Must activate emergency sobering kit.

Protip: when you’re flirting with a girl and someone interrupts you asking to take your photo it really seals the deal. Thank you unexpected wingman.


Serendipity? Fate? I had to pay my respects to Daft Punk.

IMG_1919  IMG_1922

Speaking of Daft Punk, their spiritual half-brothers (Tupperware Remix Party) were about to hit the stage with NSP. Did I say I’m not the biggest Ninja Sex Party fan? I stand corrected. Here is this skeleton with a cape and a Jew-fro rocking the stage! This is the reason we all get into music. It’s so even the ugly guys can get laid. You’re doing god’s work, Danny! The crowd was 5000 strong which was their largest yet. If it weren’t for me there would have only been 4999. You’re welcome.

IMG_1931  IMG_1937  IMG_1938  IMG_1943  IMG_1945  IMG_1952  IMG_1953

One complaint, no sex party. Oh well, free hugs. tenouttaten. Cya tomorrow, MAGfest.

~ Scott


p.s. I was timing this guy working on a puzzle and told him I’d be back. I woke up to this on my phone. Sorry bro.


Enjoy some TWRP/NSP

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