Just wanted to share with y’all again our most recent work in case you missed it in the last MAGFest 2016 journal. This one is titled “Give Lavos a Chance”. Enjoy:

The song is a mashup of Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance” and “Schala’s Theme” from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. We entered this song in the January 2016 Dwelling of Duels contest and placed a respectable but a little bit disappointing 11th place. It was fun though, so stay tuned for more Moiré Effect vgremixes.

So what’s going on with this song? Sometime ago I heard the two source songs lined up together in my head, and I’ve been wanting to put them together ever since. The progressions matched up, and the seductiveness that applies to losing yourself to dance is easily translated to being seduced by an evil power. (Chrono Trigger spoilers ahead) The main set of lyrics would be from Queen Zeal, as she’s singing to her daughter Schala. Queen Zeal is 100% pro Lavos’ power, but Schala is pretty sure it’s bad. A constant theme of their kingdom is the bliss of sleep, which they lose themselves to since they’re using Lavos’ power. But then we get to contrast that with the first words of the game: Crono’s mother telling him to wake up. I thought that was cool.

This song was fun to make because it’s kinda different from what Moiré Effect does usually. Scott got to slap his bass around a little, and I had to get funky with the guitar. Vocals are my best Pharrell impression (with a little help from autotuning). The sax is an alto I picked up for $300 at a pawn shop. All I had to do was play it, then add some equalization, pitch correction, compression, reverb, and delay. Score! Just goes to show a little computer polish works for just about anything.

Interested in buying a higher-quality mp3? Let us know.


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