Guys we remixed a song:

This is our hard rock remix and music video of the UNATCO theme from the video game Deus Ex, released on PC in 2000. Deus Ex was revolutionary in its mature subject matter and open-ended gameplay. It was also nigh prophetic in its portrayal of our evolving relationship with technology, ever increasing government surveillance, and corporatism. While the themes from the song draw heavily from the original, the visuals of Mankind Divided and Human Revolution convey the same sense of gravity, just in a different way.

The UNATCO music is a serene but mysterious song, perfect for investigating intrigue at the virtually unaccountable global police bureaucracy. We took melodies and progressions and found they served great for examining our behaviors and habits brought on by technology, and the ease of surrendering privacy to the system.

[Spoilers for Deus EX ahead] A lot of Scott’s lyrics are lifted and modified from JC Denton’s encounter with the A..I Morpheus (Youtube clip of the encounter) late in the original game. Morpheus presents itself as a system that trawls the internet for people’s information and presents it back to them for their amusement. It seems benign, but it’s not difficult to imagine it as a much more sinister system. And why would we feel the need to create such a system?

Credit to the original composers: Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos, Dan Gardopée

Video footage used with written permission of Deus Ex Youtube/Twitter team

My vision is augmented y’all

Check your status again for the third time tonight
Your face lit up with the pale blue light
Hoping for connection or some validation
Got you tripping & hallucinating phantom vibrations

Eyes dried out but you continue to read
Can’t miss out cause you hunger the feed
The world keeps spinning behind the screen
Lie awake in bed as you serve the machine

Just let me in, come join your friends
I’ll follow your path as you carry me near and far
Just let me in, share without end
And smile for me as I tell you who you are

Keep up appearances, mask what you truly think
Them cookies keeping tabs as you click the link
The ones closest only see what you want them to see
But you trusting Zuck Brin and Bezos implicitly

The signal goes out and it’s passed around
You say you’re putting out knowledge as it’s going down
Stick it to them, ya heard fate favors the bold
They’re saying thanks for the data as the swallow it whole

Just let me in, come join your friends
I want it all, everything that can be known
Just let me in, share without end
Hold me up and you’ll never feel alone

Just let me in, come join your friends
We’re watching and we’ll try to understand
Just let me in, share without end
Accept your judgement from my invisible hand…

I never asked for this

Thanks for listening


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