If you’re like me you think about Star Wars pretty regularly. When you try to explain it to people sometimes they don’t get it, even after they watch the movies. This blog post should fix that. Here’s the top moments of the Star Wars movies. My qualifications: I’ve seen the original trilogy enough to probably recite most of it. I watched the prequels in the theater, except for Revenge of the Sith which I watched on PPV when I was sick in a hotel room. I saw the sequels in the theater except for Rise of Skywalker which we rented while working on the laptop. I watched like the mddle third of Solo once. So I’m a discerning fan and my opinions are truth.

Note: Sorry if the bootleg youtube clips get taken down I’m just a guy writing truth here. I tried to start the clips at the relevant times, if the clips go beyond what I’m talking about I don’t have a way of cutting it off.

Star Destroyer Flyover – A New Hope

I wasn’t there in 1977 when all this got started, but I hear it worked out pretty good. I’ll tell you this, my bass-fishing uncle who was a football linebacker at the time went to see this movie already convinced it was going to be dumb sci-fi. He tells me the Star Destroyer coming overhead blew him back in his seat and he stayed there until the end. Personally, I experienced it first in 4:3 VHS so I’m sure the impact was diminished. But this is how you get peoples’ attention Props to George Lucas for eating the dumb SAG fine to start the saga off RIGHT. Bonus: Fox fanfare right into that opening chord

Kylo Ren Catches a Frickin Laser – The Force Awakens

New year new me! It’s the first of the sequels and we’re all cautiously optimistic. I mean the people involved aren’t George Lucas (still sore about the prequels and Special Editions) so the sky’s the limit. We’re not sure what’s going to happen then all of a sudden this guy with the messed up throat mic catches a laser. Cool, maybe these sequels will be alright! Maybe?

Escape from (another?) Death Star – Return of the Jedi

This one makes the list based on the pure excellence in imagery and pacing. Open space right into a tight corridor in the blink of an eye, the infrastructure blowing past giving the sense of speed and claustrophobia. The fire from the explosion catching up and enveloping the Millennium Falcon until, John Williams saves the day!

Yoda Bench Presses an X-wing – The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie in the saga, sorry if you’re wrong about that. Right here is where Star Wars goes from cool sci-fi to something else. You don’t accomplish things because you don’t believe. Damn, Yoda you a harsh muppet. Bonus: Yoda explaining the Force right before

Meet Darth Maul – The Phantom Menance

So here we are with the first Star Wars movie in almost 20 years. There was no cautious optimism in ’98 or whatever, just people unironically waiting in line to buy tickets for the showing and then waiting in line again when the movie arrived. We were all ready to see some real deal Jedis doing Jedi stuff. Here, Darth Maul attacks. That’s it, no introductions, conversations, explanations, just lightsabers. Admittedly it’s not very good fight; it’s short and the other characters seem pretty unconcerned, but they get right to it and don’t waste time. Sounds like Sith work to me.

Meet Darth Vader – Rogue One

This sequence is great. My whole life I’ve been hearing how much of a badass Darth Vader is. We finally get to see it. Ruthless and unstoppable, just how you imagined. Bonus: all the clues in the scene that establish where and when we are in the overall story.

Binary Sunset – A New Hope

The farmboy wonders if there’s more to the universe than this. John Williams says I feel ya man, and yes there is. Don’t tell me you’ve never craved adventure. Here’s a movie saga instead.

These are objectively what made Star Wars great. I suppose I’ll have to follow up with all the ways Star Wars has disappointed me over the years. It’s a complicated relationship.


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