moire bass moire guitarmoire drums

Moiré Effect started in 1999 as three high school dudes (Drew, Justin and Scott) in a garage experimenting with the art of writing music. College and eventually professional lives split the group apart. It was the request of Justin’s bride to have him perform at their own wedding which sparked a reunion. With a renewed spirit, Drew and Scott dusted off their old music and got to work creating their first legitimate album (Justin was busy making babies).


wedding 3




Moiré Effect celebrated the release of their self-titled debut in January 2016. They have since produced several singles covering/remixing songs such as Tool’s 46&2, Deus Ex’s UNATCO theme and the Moon Stage theme from the NES DuckTales game. For now, the momentum for the band seems to be going in the direction of video game music, but there is still a huge desire from them to create original works. Time will tell which path history will carve.


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