MAGfest 2017

Holy shit! Has it been a year already?! Actually, no. It’s been closer to 11 months and if you missed last year’s post you’ve got some catching up to do.


I guess I hyped the event pretty well last year, because this time Drew decided to join. We stayed at a hotel this year rather than being cheap and driving back each night. It’s also a business write-off and according to our soon-to-be president, operating at a loss and paying zero taxes is “smart.”

First things first, grab a badge and since nothing has changed since last year, I’m still a BAMF.

IMG_2430             IMG_2432

Drew and I were on the hunt for one Mr. Alexander Brandon. You see, he wrote some of the music for Deus Ex, and it just so happens we did a cover of the UNATCO theme. (more…)

God from the Machine, NSF faces that aren’t melted

Guys we remixed a song:

This is our hard rock remix and music video of the UNATCO theme from the video game Deus Ex, released on PC in 2000. Deus Ex was revolutionary in its mature subject matter and open-ended gameplay. It was also nigh prophetic in its portrayal of our evolving relationship with technology, ever increasing government surveillance, and corporatism. While the themes from the song draw heavily from the original, the visuals of Mankind Divided and Human Revolution convey the same sense of gravity, just in a different way. (more…)

Quick Update

Been a while since we’ve let y’all know what we’re up to. Glad to report we’ve got some great tracks in progress that I’m excited to get out there. Hopefully we’ll get one out in the next month or so, but the next one we’re holding on to until…MAGFEST 2017! We’ll be making a stronger appearance at the Gaylord this year. Looking forward to hanging out and rocking out \m/


Upcoming New Song!

Been a while since you’ve heard from us so I wanted to check in. Everyone keep their third eye open as we’ve got a new track starting to take form. This one will be a cover/remix of one of our favorite songs from one of our favorite bands. You’ll definitely hear a major shift in this one, not too many layers but definitely a few. Got a couple more tracks to lay down then mixing/mastering. Aiming for maybe a month or so (part time musician problems). Excited for y’all to hear it.



The Irresistible Force

After a ten year hiatus, Jane’s Addiction returned to the scene in 2001 with the album Strays. To be honest, aside from their radio singles, I never really listened to their old stuff. But, I somehow really got into this album. If you’re a fan of Entourage, the theme song “Superhero” came off this record. Perry’s lyrical writing really shines on this record. Some of my favorite lines come from the song “Splash A Little Water On It”:
I didn’t want to wake you up
you looked so peaceful
I left some water in a cup by the stand
I’ll call you later
oh, I just, I don’t know when
just to remind you I’m your man forever
Those lyrics may seem simple, but that is their majesty. Most people write about love using flowery language, but never actually touch upon its essence. Perry’s words are those of experience. Love is in the little things like leaving a glass of water for someone while they sleep off their ailments and calling to check up on them and remind them you are their man. That’s love.
There are so many strong tunes on this album, but I’ve got to pick the Irresistible Force as my personal favorite. Maybe it’s because in the Dark Knight, Heath Ledger’s Joker used the line about an irresistible force meeting an immovable object to describe his relationship with Batman, Maybe it’s just because this is a kick-ass tune.